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I was born with a powerful combination of artistic, entrepreneurial and spiritual interests, with “fire in the belly” for all three. My mother was a self-taught watercolorist who captured the most delicate flowers on small, napkin-sized paintings. She taught me how to work in that medium and also encouraged me to express my creativity in numerous other ways.

As a child, I loved to create movies in my mind and express those visions through drawings, painting and 3-dimensional constructs. I took everything apart to see “how stuff worked” - from pocket watches to plants, insects, fish and foul. I particularly enjoyed examining the insides of fish and chickens even as I struggled to understand where and how “God’s energy” resided. And I enjoyed designing and building short wave radios, model airplanes, rockets, spaceships and other flying objects. Classmates lined up for me to draw on the covers of their notebooks and I developed a following for my air-brushed tee-shirts. In my teens, I designed and built custom cars, organized and promoted car shows in Las Vegas, booking bands and producing advertising campaigns.

After college, I planned to become an architect. But after a few years working as an architectural draftsman, I changed direction to advertising, a career that could satisfy both my creativity and my need to earn a good living for my growing family. And it worked. As president and creative director of my own agency for 35 years, I introduced numerous new financial and technology products and produced more than 500 television and radio commercials as well as thousands of print ads, honing my sense of design, balance and precision. During those years, I also raised two amazing children on our organic avocado ranch while exploring the healing properties of nature.

After years of creating successful campaigns, I sold the agency to focus my attention on several entrepreneurial ventures one of which involved developing a new credit card that enabled users to put aside small amounts of change with every purchase or to donate that change to a tax deductible charity.

In 2013 I received a medical diagnosis, which caused me to change gears and focus my energy on fulfilling my first passion — Fine Art. Fueled by my love for nature, I found myself taking thousands of photographs of flowers, exploring new ways to approach them, to get inside them to see how there energy “feels” and “works.” With experimentation, I developed a unique way to combine photography with pastels, acrylics and watercolors, sculpting layers of paper for unique, eye-popping 3-dimensional images.

My art celebrates the beauty and healing quality found in ordinary things, and elevates both the object and the art to a new form of expression. It gives me a chance to make my own healing artistic contribution to the world in an effort to help balance some of the chaos, and allows the viewer a moment of delighted childlike surprise as they peek inside at the wonder in each piece.

I have received numerous awards for my unique, dimensional healing art, which is now available for private collections. In addition, interior designers are commissioning custom-made pieces for their clients. See examples in the COLLECTIONS section of this web site.